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Ikoniya is an icon journal by ojou - otherwise known as miya_ before The LJ Rename of Doom.
Old icons located at iconthesis.

You won't find the most elite-standard icons here, I can assure you. Just plain, simple, amediocre-type ones. So kindly don't expect some beautiful icon that will blow your mind senseless. I'm not worthy.
Check out the interests to give yourself an idea of what fandoms I manage to mangle with Photoshop.
Also, updates are upon whim; I don't make a living out of making icons.

____ICONS *

Icons posted are for anyone to use - unless specifically stated.
If you decide to take any, leave a comment, and credit. Don't ASK me, for crying out loud, the icons are here for a REASON. I will ignore you if you do.
Should you be using the icon on another journal, a link would be immensely appreciated. And please bear in mind that it's not very nice to hotlink/direct link.
Do not customise my icons, please. Unless I post them as bases, of course. If you want the original image for any of my icons, however, feel free to ask. I will only be glad to help.

____CREDIT *

Do credit for the icons you take. And credit in your keywords or icon comment field. Credit the icons to either ikoniya or ojou.

Don't know how to credit? See this entry.

Credit is also required for bases. Not in the keywords, but when you post your icons anywhere else. Easy peasy. Note that I am very anal-retentive about crediting. Flout t3h l4ws and I'll come after you till kingdom come.

____LINK *


icon_ame - iconic_venom - iconnector - kusuto - kyoukatabira


To keep the userinfo 'neat and tidy', the resources have been moved to this post.
Journal base code by damnicons

+d'espairsray+, 1tym, advent children, aishiteruze baby, akanishi jin, alichino, angel sanctuary, angst, anime, anne rice, aozu, arashi, attention please, badou, baroque, bishies, bleach, bleach b station, bus gamer, chitose piyoko, chrno crusade, chrome hearts, clavier, count cain, dancing, death note, dir en grey, eyeshield 21, fairy cube, fanart, fanfics, fatima, final fantasy, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gantz, gazette, getbackers, glay, gokusen, gothic art, gothic lolita, gothic rock, gravitation, gravitation megamix, hanakimi, harudaki, hayami mocomichi, hip-hop, ichimaru gin, icons, inoue kazuhiko, insomnia, j-rock, janne da arc, jaurim, k-pop, kaine, kamenashi kazuya, kannivalism, kaori yuki, kat-tun, kazusa takashima, kenran butoh sai, kimeru, kimi wa petto, kingdom hearts, klaha, koda kumi, kyou kara maou, l'arc~en~ciel, la'cryma christi, lareine, loveless, ludwig kakumei, malice mizer, mana, manga, masara minase, matsumoto jun, meine liebe, miwa shirou, miyavi, moi dix mois, moi meme moitie, nakashima mika, nana kitade, naruto, naruto nippon, nobuta wo produce, okane ga nai, oshare kei, otsuka ai, phantasmagoria, pierrot, prince of tennis, rentrer en soi, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, ryuichi kawamura, saiyuki, seiyuu, shiina ringo, shikamaru, shounen-ai, shulla, sid, smut, spiral, takakura row, taniyama kisho, tenimyu, the trax, tokyo jihen, trinity blood, ueto aya, vidoll, vinett, visual indies, visual kei, wild adapter, writing, yakitate japan, yamane ayano, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youka nitta, yusa kouji, yuuki hiro, シド, ムック, メリー

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